.Rose Hookah Tobacco

A botanical bouquet of lush tropical hibiscus petals with a swirl of a sweet invigorating flavor of Rose. Brews a delicate and deliciously aromatic smoke.

Strawberry Margarita Hookah Tobacco

A burst of Strawberry compliments our rich limy Margarita flavor.

Mojito Hookah Tobacco

The perfect summer drink is transformed into a refreshing smoke. Experience the beauty of hand-squeezed limes, fresh mint flavor, and of course, a splash of rum!


White Russian Hookah Tobacco

With its bold coffee taste and hint of Bailey’s liquor, Irish Coffee shisha will be the favorite of coffee lovers everywhere.

Pomegranate Hookah Tobacco

Real Pomegranates blended into a dreamy hookah Tobacco. No fakes or flavor imitators allowed. Go Pomegranates

Wildberry Mint Hookah Tobacco

Deep taste of succulent summer-sweet blueberries and raspberries with a wisp of mint to heighten an excellent refreshing smoke.


Strawberry Hookah Tobacco

Real Strawberry fruit is used to create this strong creamy summertime flavor, just like strawberry ice cream

Blackcurrant Hookah Tobacco

A better berry taste with more rosehips of black currant crushed into a heavenly mixture of flavor and tartness

Spearmint Hookah Tobacco

A decadent, full-bodied infusion with the taste of spearmint sublimely fragrant with the enticement of mint. Seductively delicious. This flavor is a great, cool and sweet in taste.



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